April group meeting

The group meeting on Monday 13th April was a success on many fronts. Asking Mardaret Hodge (MP) as guest speaker was a gamble that really paid off. She spoke at length about Diabetes and the local NHS services and apart from a couple of occasions party politics was not mentioned. We will be keeping in touch and if 're elected has promised to follow up on a number of concerns brought up by members and any that are raised as a result of the meeting. Attendance for the meeting was excellent with over 30 people there plus a good few first timers. Next month we have a speaker from J.D.R.F coming along to tell us about their research into the treatment of diabetes and their search for a cure. Whilst they were originally formed to help Type 1 children they now help all diabetics children andadults whether Type 1 or 2. It should be another good evening.